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Annual Craft Fair (Short History)

Craft Fair - October 12, 2019   8:00 AM - ?

Come join us for Craft Fair!  Baked goods, pies, cakes and all kinds of goodies.  Christmas ornaments, wreathes, fall decor, floral arrangements, wall hangings, afghans, wood working and quilts.

Always a day of fun and fellowship!  Everyone please be working on craft items or your specialty that we all love.  We will be having our silent auction and the regular auction, so be thinking about what you could donate.  Remember that all the proceeds from Craft Fair goes to our Building and Maintenance Fund, for our Trustees use to keep our buildings safe and comfortable for us.   (Kay)


Now for a little history...

The following article was written by Hazel Greer, Connie Hensley's mother.  Hazel was a very faithful member of Crainville Baptist Church for many years.

I attended this Craft Fair in the late summer of 1974.  It was an annual event put on by the Amish people in and around Goshen, Indiana for the relief of their own people that needed help in case of disasters such as tornadoes, etc.  They did this in such a grand way, realizing $80,000.00 plus from the fair.  I reasoned that if they could do a fair of such magnitude, why couldn't we do one on a smaller scale.

In September of 1974, Irene Wiggs and I started quilting in her home.  We acquired scraps from the factory in Carbondale from which many quilts were made.  After three or four quilts were finished, others became interested and began to help.  Then we moved our quilting to the education building for the remainder of 1974 and the first nine months of 1975.  We quilted most every day.  Some of the younger ladies of the Church and most of the older ladies helped with the quilting.  Then the Mission Circle became interested and it was decided we would work towards our first Craft Fair.  Everyone was encouraged to make crafts and use any other talent they might have.  The response was tremendous.  As a result we had our first Craft Fair on Oct. 4, 1975.  The proceeds from this fair was $4,509.00 During this first year the quilters and the Craft Fair paid into the Building Fund $4,949.00  At this Craft Fair the quilters had twenty seven quilts to be sold at auction.  Also four baby quilts and three full size quilts were made and sold before the Fair. 

Every year since 1975 we have had an Annual Craft Fair and they have each seemed as successful or more so.

In the early years Vera & Russell Crain took care of the barbecue and Dwayne Fields and his helpers have continued this tradition. Through these 42 Craft Fairs we have continued to donate all the proceeds to the Building Fund. Pies, cakes, cookies, etc. have always been an important part of our Craft Fair and that tradition also continues. Mark the above date on your calendar and plan to spend the day celebrating one of our very important Church traditions.


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Mid-week Bible Study/ Prayer Mtg
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In person or by Zoom. (For Zoom directions call the office or Pastor Cody.
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