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News: Larry & Becky Stanton

Use this "Click Here" butten below to view communications from Becky and Larry on the International Ministries website.  Click Here     If you would like to receive their newsletter, there is a place on the International Ministries website to inform the Stantons to send it to you.


Immediately below is the article about firewood.


International Ministries

Thanks to American private donations, fire is coming to the needy


Larry in the News

Recently, a Serbian newspaper interviewed Larry and published this article:

Firewood for the needy

7 March 2018, 12:14

Two and a half years ago, an American from Illinois living in Hungary, Larry Stanton, made contact with the Baptist Church in Pacséri and Bácskossuthfalva, originally with the aim of assisting refugees from near-east. Since then, Larry has been partnering with the Hungarian Baptist Charity Service for winter firewood for the families in need in the two villages.

“The elderly or sick people in need are usually the center of our attention. The fact that we can do this is thanks to our sister churches in the States; my family visits the USA at Christmas and during the summer vacation to organize collections in our supporting churches. We have not met these families before, we just knock and bring firewood. Many people are very happy, but also stunned, touched by, do not believe it. We get a variety of reactions,” said the American-born charity.

Zoltán Nyúl, pastor, Larry's host, told us that his guest was trying to help in two ways this winter.

“We arrive with a motorized saw and cut up the old trees in the yard; so far, about 30 families have requested this. For families that don't have their own trees to cut, we have supplied about 300 cubic meters of firewood so far, buying wood from a contractor,” said Zoltán Nyúl.

To see the article in Hungarian, click here.

We thank you again, sister churches, for making this possible!! May the warmth return to you!


This ministry is made possible though individuals and churches partnering with us through International Ministries.

To continue our work, we are looking for new and increased sponsorship.

Please prayerfully consider joining us in our work!

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January 14, 2018

Larry and Becky are currently serving with IM partners Hungarian Baptist Aid, Baptist Union of Hungary and Baptist Churches of Northern Serbia. Becky works with schools in the eastern region of the country: primary and elementary community schools in Téglás and a technical high school in Debrecen. Larry partners with Serbian Baptist Churches of Starva Moravica and Paçer to serve the community and refugees along the Balkan route.

Their three daughters attend local schools, learning Hungarian and also teaching English as only children can.














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