November 2017  
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Tri-C area Community Thanksgiving Dinner
11:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Crainville Baptist is in charge of furnishing 30 desserts.
Also, we need 8 volunteers to serve from 10 -11 AM.


Church School for all ages
9:30 AM to 10:30 AM
10:30 AM to 11:30 AM
Evening Worship
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Downtown Christmas in Carterville
6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
CBC will giving out candy canes.


Church School for all ages
9:30 AM to 10:30 AM
10:30 AM to 11:30 AM
Evening Worship
6:00 PM to 7:00 PM


"Do you not say, 'There are yet four months, and then comes the harvest?' Behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes and look on the fields, that they are white for harvest." John 4:35
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News: Larry & Becky Stanton

"Denominational communications from Becky and Larry can be found on the International Ministries website -- see "Links" above.  This page is from more "informal" messages to us. Messages and photos from them can be seen by clicking HERE.


(Below, the most recent messages are located at the bottom of this page.)

Hi, church family!

We have just celebrated our first year anniversary here in Hungary. It has been a wonderful adventure!

I have been teaching Hungarian students English for one year now, and Larry has found an important ministry with the refugees coming into Europe. We have partnered with other Baptist missionaries in the nearby university town to minister to students at a weekly conversation club.

This has been a time of great growth and excitement for our family. God has softened our hearts in many ways; he has given us humility by his love and grace, and he has pulled us together and made our family stronger and more in love! Please pray that we have creative ideas for spreading the gospel and that we have patience and kindness in all we do.

We are honored to represent Crainville Baptist and the Great Rivers Region in Europe. Thank you so much for your faithful financial support, your loving comments on Facebook and in email, and especially for your prayers. You regularly bring us to the throne of the only One who can sustain us.

Bless you!
Larry, Becky and the girls


September 5, 2016

Back to School, Greece

Though we had a wonderful and refreshing time at home this summer, it was nice to come back home to Hungary. At our conference in Budapest, we received great encouragement from our partners, Hungarian Baptist Aid and our leaders and colleagues in International Ministries. Now, summer is over and our work can begin anew.

Last week, Larry returned to Greece for the first time since June. He partnered with a group from Holland, Portugal and Switzerland setting up a women’s center in one of the camps, and he has spent several hours working in storage facilities, helping with distribution of supplies. He finally got to meet with some of the refugees from the former Indomeni camp, playing basketball with lots of children. 

Larry asked a man how this warehouse camp compares to Indomeni, and he said this is much better, with less fighting and access to electricity. Some families have hot plates and fans, but there is still a need for more cooking oil, sugar and other commodities. Please pray for Larry as he navigates the new camps, that doors and hearts are open and he is able to go and love and help where he can. 

Last week, school started in Hungary. In teachers’ meetings I confess I have really struggled with being back immersed once again in a language I don’t understand. I must accept, in faith, that I don’t have to understand everything, participate in every conversation, and that I receive enough social glue from the smiles of and mixed English/Hungarian conversations with co-workers with whom I made good memories last year. 

I will have three elementary classes in the bi-lingual program, 1.a, 2.a, and 3.a, tutoring with middle school students, and I will visit high school classes at the EURO school in Debrecen each Thursday. Please pray that I share the love of Jesus with my students and colleagues and that I do my work well.

We are so thankful for your partnership in the gospel! We are blessed by your generous financial support, faithful prayer and messages of encouragement. We pray the Spirit blesses you!


October, 2016 Update (editor's note) The following message from the Stantons can be found by clicking (Here)  There are six terrific photos that go with this message.

This month Larry travelled to Serbia (the country just south of Hungary) for a dual work opportunity with Baptist partner, Pastor Zoltán Nyúl. The first project was to cut trees and provide firewood for church members. Zoltán said they were looking forward to seeing Larry and his chainsaw! Northern Serbia is a very economically depressed area, and most families heat with wood, moving into only one or two rooms of their homes for the winter. Thank you for your support that allowed Larry to provide much-needed fuel to these Baptist brothers and sisters! 

The second opportunity was to visit the refugee camps along the Serbian-Hungarian border. Winter is coming, and these refugees are without winter clothes--Larry said many were wearing flip-flops! We have asked for donations for winter clothing and shoes from churches here in Hungary, and people have responded well. Larry will coordinate with an NGO called Fresh Response to provide food and clothes to the refugees throughout the fall. Please continue your prayers for the refugees and for Larry who sees their presence as an opportunity to share the love of Jesus. 

While Larry was in Serbia, the girls and I were invited to the garden club grape harvest! We had a wonderful time. We appreciate their friendship and shared joy. Seeing the plump grapes on the vine brought fresh meaning to John 15. 

Teaching is going well; I'm learning the new online grade book and enjoying meeting the new class of first graders and seeing all the students grow. I thank God for their enthusiasm and hugs. At the high school I'm introducing debate in my English classes--it's difficult for some of the students to express their ideas in English, but the teachers think it's great practice! This was one of my favorite topics to teach in the States, and I really enjoy watching their interest grow as the kids try to express their opinions in their second language. Please continue to pray for my students, colleagues and administrators. 

We thank you for your continued support and the rich blessing of knowing you're praying for us!

The Stantons


January, 2017(editor's note) The following message from the Stantons can be found by clicking here. There are three terrific photos that go with this message.

Hello from Hungary!

After a wonderful visit with family during the Christmas break, we are happy to be back to work. At the elementary school I am teaching language lessons as usual. Right before Christmas we had a visitor from Nebraska, and a gentleman representing a church and region interested in missions in Hungary. His pastor and regional minister visited us last year, and he was following up. He himself is a cropduster, and shared pictures of his flights and pictures of his young family. An American guest always causes great excitement in the schools, as the kids love to meet real Americans and the teachers are anxious to see if the students can understand and communicate with a native English speaker. I was blessed by Waylon’s willingness to share his story and visit us, furthering the relationship that the Spirit has begun between our school and the Nebraskan churches.


Our students again participated in IM’s Kids Drawing Contest, this time drawing what they think it’s like to be a missionary kid--this isn’t hard for them to imagine, because our MKs are growing up among them! Once again it was an opportunity to explain what a missionary is and does and to remind them that I’m not just a teacher but a missionary among them, come to teach them English as an expression of my love for Jesus and his love for them.


Larry is eagerly awaiting his return to Serbia after the holidays. The Serbian church has been asking for him to return, to cut and distribute firewood to their members. He will also help on the kitchen building project which Pastor Zoltán sees feeding the poor in the community as a population that lost their pensions begins to age. And as the winter here in Europe has turned bitter, his heart is with the refugee families in tents and abandoned buildings, crouching with fading hope on the Serbian side of Hungary’s southern border.


We were blessed with a wonderful trip to Illinois for Christmas. We are thankful to our partners, Hungarian Baptist Aid and the schools for making this possible. We soaked up precious family time and recharged for another semester of work.


Thank you for your prayers, financial support and encouragement.

The Stantons



Journal by Rebecca Stanton January 28, 2017

Eszter gave Larry a big hug Ferenc is thankful for this delivery Larry and Lajos  (editor's note:  click on any picture or "Rebecca Stanton" above to go to origin of this post.)

This unusually cold winter has been especially difficult for the poor here in Eastern Europe. Since natural gas is costly, many families heat with wood, and wood is hard to come by in regions that have been burning wood to keep warm for centuries. When work crews trim trees along the streets in Téglás, people follow them, collecting this precious heating fuel.

In northern Serbia, where Larry partners with Pastor Zoltán and his Baptist congregations to serve the refugees, many church and community members are desperately cold right now. Firewood supplies have run out; lumber yards are selling briquettes made from sawdust and silage. Using funds given by our generous supporters, Larry was able to purchase two week supplies of briquettes for several families in the church and the community as outreach through the church. Thank you for your generosity!

Please continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in Serbia.

If you would like to make a donation to this work, write "Stanton--undesignated specifics" on the memo line.