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Thoughts, prayers, meditations, etc. for the month






AUGUST, 2018

Rev’s Reflections


Transformation of the Mind


    It’s August!!!  For me this is the best and worst month of the year: I celebrate my birthday this month, but I also normally must start school on my birthday.  It has been a bittersweet month for my entire life. It also has been a month that I have had to mentally prepare myself for the school year.  August is a hard month for many people in the education world. You have students going back to school, teachers having to come back from their vacation, band teachers and students blowing the rust out of instruments, and principals who are eager to get the year started.  August is a time for our minds to change from vacation to work. 

     It is in this time of mental preparation that we forget to pray and get ourselves in sync with God.  It is easy to lose sight of God and what God wants in our lives while life is chaotic and changing.  But that time of chaotic-ness is also the best time to dive head first into our prayer life.  Life will change for all of us at some point, but it is our responsibility as Christians to remember we are not going through these changes alone.  God is always there for us to transform us into better versions of ourselves and to be there for prayer when we need strength, patience, joy, hope, but most importantly love.  Know that in the always changing world the one thing that stays rooted in our lives is the love that God has for you. 

     Please pray with me in this: Lord we ask that you transform our minds to keep you as our focus in this changing world.  We ask that you remind us that we are never alone and that there is nothing you will not provide for us if we ask, trust, and obey.  I pray that you help me love the world the same way you love me and help me never forget that your love is a blessing that we don’t earn but is a gift of your grace.  Amen

                     Blessings and love,

                     Pastor Cody


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