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Thoughts, prayers, meditations, etc. for the month





MARCH, 2018

Rev’s Reflection

    What are you going to give up? That seems to be the question I see all around during the time of lent. We see the Facebook posts of friends, family and even church family; setting aside social media for their 40 days. Or some giving up that morning staple of diet coke or in my case hitting the snooze three times before actually starting the day. But I ponder and wonder if we have not forgotten what lent is really about. 

Lent is a time in which we reflect on the journey and temptations Christ went though in the 40 days and 40 nights in the wilderness before He started his public ministry. It is a time in which we see Christ fight the temptations of Satan and ultimately win. It is a time when we reflect on our own journey in temptation and reflect to see where we can better our personal relationship with God. 

    So this year, if you are going to give up something, don’t give something up because it is a bad habit, but focus on that new time spent with God closer in your hearts. If you give up soda or social media, don’t just let that empty time be wasted. Spend that moment or multiple moments with God, spend it in your Bible, meditate with God, or even just sing your favorite hymn. Focus and reflect in this time on what Christ did for you through his love. For that is what Lent and Easter is about, the death, sacrifice, salvation, and resurrection of Christ for YOU through love. 

    I’m not going to ask you what you’re giving up, as much as what are you going to add to your hearts in this time of lent? 


Pastor Cody




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