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JUNE, 2018

Rev’s Reflection


     Summer is HERE: a time of outdoor fun, swimming pools and lakes, late days, and travels.   The summer time for me has always been time to be with family.  It is a time for me to get ready for the new school year, working in a new venue, and most importantly a time in which I can go and see people I have not seen as much during the year.  The summer for me always slows down even with being summer busy.  It is extremely easy for our journey with Christ to get lost in our summer time serenity, but we are called to not let that happen. 

     The other day I was in Barnes & Noble looking at the Christian section; I’m looking for a new Bible, and I came across a book called Devotion From the Lake by Thomas Nelsen.  I love the lake and the connection that I get with God so I was intrigued and interested in what I would find inside.  The book consists of 100 devotions with pictures of lakes and scripture that helps you balance relaxation and fun you find at the lake.  It was a good reminder that being heathy in our faith means that in all times of the year we are working on our relationship with God.  In summer, fall, winter, or spring, we are always trying to get closer with God than we were the day before. 

     We must be diligent to keep our growth going throughout the year, the whole year!  But also remember even God rested after the sixth day.  We want to keep ourselves growing and transforming for the better, but we must take time to enjoy the creation God has created for us.  Enjoy the summer, the pools, the lakes, the time with friends and family, but also enjoy getting closer with God in this time of relaxation.  Relax and grow this summer with the one true God.  


Rev. Cody


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