The Grapevine (thoughts, prayers, meditations, etc. for the month)

Thoughts, prayers, meditations, etc. for the month




January, 2019

Rev’s Reflections


   This month we get to celebrate an amazing thing, one year together!  You have put up with me for a whole year; that’s a big accomplishment all by itself!  When I was voted on I told you that I wanted to do three things while I was here at Crainville Baptist Church. 

   First, I wanted love to flow from all aspects of our church.  I wanted you all to know that there was love coming from the pulpit; I wanted us all to see the love in the pews get stronger and I wanted you to see and remember that God loves you more than anyone else.  The love in this church has been getting stronger every day; I can see it but most importantly I can feel it with the laughter of children, the outpouring of support for people struggling with life and the physical help that comes with funeral dinners and community outreach projects. It is safe to say that the love that was here before I came is growing!

   Second, I wanted us to shift to an environment that it was okay to ask questions, to dive deeper in our faith, and to hear things that are not our own.  Questions, if supported by a healthy environment are crucial to spiritual maturity and growth. Wednesday bible study and Sunday night dialogs have shown themselves to be amazing places for this growth to take place.  Numbers have been growing and people have been asking questions because they feel the love and know this is a safe place to grow. 

  Third, I wanted us all to take initiative in our own faith. To start to understand that coming to church is nice but not what will save us.  Only having a personal relationship with Christ will do that.  Members have started the conversation of their own faith. Members have come and asked for copies of books and new bibles. They have expressed a hunger for faith and they are taking the steps to achieve that personal initiative! 

   None of this could be accomplished without you!  It is your willingness to accept small changes, and your own personal effort which makes these three things come true.  Without you, love doesn’t flow from the pews.  Without you, questions are not asked.  Without you, the tools that are in this church become obsolete.  I’m excited and blessed to be able to call you my church family and to watch as we all continue to spiritually grow with Christ.  Even though the first year is done, I still want us to continue to transform ourselves, our church, and our love in this building and community.  I’m excited and thrilled to see what this next year has in store for CBC, but most importantly I’m thrilled that we get to walk together under the leadership of Christ as we better this world with His light. 


Blessings and love,

      Pastor Cody







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